Dubai Trademark Register founded in the year 2013 with a vision to help business. A trademark or service mark includes any word, name, symbol, device, or any combination, ... claim of ownership of the mark, legal presumption of ownership nationwide, and ... Registered trademarks involve registering the trademark with the government. ... United States: Samson (a rope-making company), featuring a depiction of the Biblical ... In 1980, there were fewer than ten thousand registered high-tech trademarks in ... combination of colours, smell, sound, movement or any combination thereof ... trademarks and defensive trademarks. A trademark which is popularly used to ... If such a mark becomes synonymous with that product or service to the extent that the trademark owner can no longer enforce its proprietary rights, the mark ... The Trademark Law Treaty establishes a system pursuant to which member ... It is not necessarily respective of rules within individual countries. ... In the U.S., trademark registration can therefore only be sold and assigned if ... Examples of assets whose sale would ordinarily support the assignment of a mark ... The licensor (usually the trademark owner) must monitor the quality of the ... A trademark license should therefore include appropriate provisions dealing ... that the trademark in and of itself will lose its capacity to signify a single source.... to trademark uses that do not confuse consumers regarding who has made a product.... to protect sufficiently strong trademarks from losing their singular association in ... Under trademark law, dilution occurs either when unauthorized use of a ... nature of the mark" or "tarnishes it." Likelihood of confusion is not required.

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