Trademark Registration in UAE

It has never been easier. If you are sure that no one else has filed the trademark and you want to go ahead and register the same. All you have to do is fill up the form mentioned below and make the payment. Once that is done our lawyer will immediately prepare the application and submit the same with the ministry. The submission of your application would generate an application no. That application copy and application number would be emailed to your for your reference, using that you can go ahead and start using the tm sign on your Trademark as your application has been submitted.


Register Your Trademark in UAE

We make sure all application are 100% Confidential and processed discreetly. They are not disclosed to anybody without Clients approval.

Our Services:

  • Preparation of Application
  • Payment of application fee to the Ministry
  • Publication of notice in the official gazette
  • Publication of advertisement in 2 newspapers
  • Payment of Registration fee for the Trade Mark

Protection period:

The certificates are valid for 10 years and can be renewable for the same periods.

Payment terms:

100% Search amount upon search and 50% of the total fees to be payable as an advance at the time of application (non-refundable); 50% balance at the time of final payment to the Ministry.

Please note that quoted costs are inclusive of Professional and Governmental charges and are on the basis of registering one trademark class of goods or services or logo and each item shall be applied as a separate application.

Further please note that the above charges and time frame are applicable only, if the application proceeds normally to registration and no serious objection is raised by the authorities and in absence of oppositions by any third parties.

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