A Trademark can enhance your brand identity, increase customer trust and satisfaction as well as protect you against counterfeit products. Register your Trademark before starting a new venture to avoid the pain and struggle of dealing with counterfeit products. Become a unique brand, create your individual brand identity that customers in the industry can identify with.

Due to our strong governmental relationship with the Trademark authority in the UAE including Trademark Office- Ministry of Trademarks, Department of Economic Development (DED), Ministry of Justice as well as Economic Crimes Department and several other international partners, we can expedite your Trademark Search and Registration process in UAE as well as in 25 other countries.

With Trademarks AE, you can get Trademark Registration done in more than 25 countries. Get started today. Contact us at +971 0558654072.

How do I register Trademark in the UAE?

With the support of our expert consultants, you can search if your Trademark can be registered. There are several grounds for refusal in the UAE which can hinder your Trademark Registration process in UAE.

Benefits of Search

Trademark search at the Trademark Registry helps you find out whether anyone else has prior rights to your proposed trademark. This essentially helps you determine if your application will have chances for success. This step is highly recommended before any trademark application is filed in the UAE.

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Documents required for trademark registration from client
  1. Passport copy
  2. Notarized POA
  3. Trade license copy
  4. Logo in JPG format

What is prohibited from being registered as a Trademark in the UAE?

  1. Descriptive marks
  2. Marks that violate public or moral order
  3. Any mark that is similar of a nation’s flag
  4. Any sign that is similar to a religious symbol
  5. National Medals

There are several other grounds for refusal including the ones mentioned above. To know exactly what can and cannot be registered as Trademark contact us at +971 0558654072.

5 steps for Registering Trademark:

  1. Trademark Search
  2. Application preparation and submission to Ministry of Economy
  3. Approval from the Ministry which will take approximately 4- 7 working days depends on the time frame with the ministry of UAE.
  4. Upon approval, we will publish the Trademark in 2 local newspaper and local gazette which in return for 30- 60 days ministry will hold for them to confirm if there is any objection from the third party or no objection received.
  5. After publication, if there are no objection than the certificate will be issued. This will be valid for 10 years on a renewal basis. Time frame for issuing the certificate will be depended on the Ministry completely, as mentioned to you before it’s the process of 3-4 Months if everything goes smooth.

*Search : AED 500
*Registration fees: AED 10,000

How to protect your brand?

Follow simple 3 steps below

Tell us about your brand. We will search within 1000's of brand to check your brand availability
Submit required documents to us in order to apply for your Brand
Collect your application copy start branding. Done leave the rest to us. As simple as that.

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