Search Trademark in UAE

Its pretty simple to check whether your trademark is available for registration or not. All you have to do is perform search with the Ministry. The search services we offer includes the details mentioned below.

Trademark Search report is issued from the Ministry and is delivered within 24 Hrs via Email / Fax to you.

Search Report in U.A.E. It includes Trademark Search of all U.A.E. Trademarks. This includes records of cancellations, assignments, and abandonment's, where applicable. registered, published, and pending trademarks. This includes records of cancellations, assignments, and abandonment's.Trademark search of U.A.E. common law marks. Analysis and written opinion of U.A.E. common law marks in Search Report are provided upon discretion.


Search Trademark in UAE

We make sure all application are 100% Confidential and processed discreetly. They are not disclosed to anybody without Clients approval.

Benefits of performing Search online before applying for your trademark is that you have a clear understanding of your Trademark after viewing the Trademark search report from the ministry. Whether you should apply for it or add anything to it or re-invent a new distinctive Trademark before launching your product in the Market.

So, We strongly recommend to search the trademark before applying for it.

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