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Burundi Trademark Related Information

AssignmentAmount US$- Inclusive all Charges
Burundi Trademark Search per Class. US$ 900.00
Burundi Trademark Application per Class. US$ 1500.00

Kindly note that the charges quoted herein are all inclusive, and there will be no other charges in the normal cases. However, our charges do not include expenses that may subsequently be charged for the legalization of supporting documents, reporting and responding to official actions, extra publication required by the concerned authority, or any other incidental charges that may be incurred during the registration procedure, and may be subject to increases due to changes in the official fees or exchange rates.


Trademark Applications
1. A simply signed power of attorney.
2. Ten prints of the trademark. (Not required for word marks)
3. The full particulars of the applicant.
4. The list of goods and classes pertaining thereto.

For further information you can email us on info@trademarks.ae

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